About the SPX

The Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) are centers for technical information, promotion and networking between clients, suppliers and subcontractors, whose purpose is to use the most optimal (the most complete, the most logical and the most efficient) of the productive capacities of the affiliated industries. Indeed, SPX appear not only as meeting points and as instruments of regulation between supply and demand for industrial subcontracting work, but also as instruments of assistance for the two partners, and particularly for small and medium-sized subcontractors or suppliers..

SPX Vision and Objectives

To raise local SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) to a level of international competitiveness and eventually enable them to subcontract to large companies and multinationals..

The main objective of the SPX is to provide local manufacturing companies with the tools and services that will improve their performance, practices and enable them to access industrial subcontracting markets.

  • Increasing levels of production, employment and investment in the industrial subcontracting sector ;
  • The improvement of productivity and competitiveness at the national, sub-regional and international level;
  • The improvement of local products, their manufacturing process and the competitiveness of SMEs;
  • The promotion of import substitution and the export of processed products;
  • Contributing to the redeployment of manufacturing facilities and thus to the transfer of industrial technology and know-how to SMEs;
  • The development of local content (national preference).

What we provide

  • Benefit from the services of a dynamic team with knowledge of the local industrial sector ;
  • Obtain rapid information on the industrial base (sectors, exports, imports, manufacturing capacities and operations, added value, standards and certifications);
  • Benefit from a reliable and exhaustive database of subcontracting companies (technical information on equipment, products, processes, human resources, financial capacities, technological capacities, investments, standards and certifications);
  • Benefit from empirical information on company performance and practices;
  • Benefit from assistance in identifying competitive subcontracting companies;
  • Benefit from B to B services and facilities in national and international promotional events.
  • Benefit from relevant information on business opportunities with large companies;
  • Benchmark their performance and practices in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Benefit from relevant information on their technical and technological capabilities (e.g. equipment, standards, quality);
  • Receive technical assistance to strengthen their capacities (e.g. training, coaching, e-learning program) and improve their skills;
  • Benefit from contacts with large local and foreign companies (business partnerships (joint venture, participation), technological partnerships, industrial partnerships);
  • Benefit from B to B services and facilities in national and international promotional events.

SPX Missions

Contribute to improving the conditions of access for members working in the sectors of industrial production subcontracting and services for public and private orders.

To develop and promote subcontracting as a factor of added value creation, to encourage technical and technological exchanges between Cameroonian and foreign companies.

To undertake any action on behalf of the members, in order to improve the conditions of exercise of their professions, in particular to accompany, advise and train the personnel of companies, leaders and collaborators in their quality approach.

Generally speaking, to contribute to the modernization of member companies and to their development, all in a spirit of sharing knowledge of industrial and technological values and all other resources of an economic nature.


To learn more about the SPX, please visit our page at our supervisory ministry.

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