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” SISPI is the ultimate opportunity for the industrial world to showcase its know-how and learn from others. “

Evariste Yameni

Dear partner,

We are pleased to inform you that the first edition of the SISPI INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SUBCONTRACTING AND INDUSTRIAL PARTNERSHIP of Cameroon will be held from the 09th to the 12th of November 2020 at the Complex Camtel of Bepanda in Douala.

This important event for all the actors of the Sub-contracting will be placed under the High Patronage of the Prime Minister, Head of Government of Cameroon.

The choice of the central theme of the exhibition “Subcontracting for industries and development in Africa” aims expressly to place subcontractors, contractors, institutions and other professional actors in subcontracting in a dynamic search for new opportunities, collaboration, partnerships, technological and managerial prospects for the growth of companies but also the development of Africa. Concrete and significant progress has been made in the improvement and enhancement of subcontracting relationships. Beyond the progress made, the actors are substantially changing the way they work together, know how to situate their work in the long term, are constantly seeking innovation, and take better account of future aspirations.

The State of Cameroon continues to encourage, regulate and promote the establishment of useful and efficient subcontracting chains. We are convinced that this first edition of the SISPI will make an active contribution to the development of subcontracting activities. For the actors concerned, it will be an opportunity to meet to discuss common concerns, better understand the needs of the sector and keep abreast of technological developments. The operators have obviously a great need for upgrading to effectively undertake the establishment of partnership chain of subcontracting beneficial to all.

The organization of a forum, conferences, press briefings, business meetings, a competition, economic events, various meetings and a gala evening will, we hope, offer the opportunity for a fruitful debate and exchanges between the stakeholders of subcontracting. The active participation of partners promises to raise the level of contributions to the debate on future prospects.

In order to ensure this first edition is a major success, we decided to support it with a major media campaign. The large-scale campaign that we intend to carry out, however, will require significant financial resources that require the assistance of sponsors. This is why we are counting heavily on your contribution which, in return, could offer you the opportunity to become a privileged partner of the Show.

In the hope that you will fully embrace this call. Yours sincerely, Dear Partner, our best regards.



NAME: International Exhibition of Subcontracting and Industrial Partnership.

DATE: From the 2nd to the 5th of November, 2022.

SCHEDULE: From 9:30 am to 7:30 pm

EDITION: 1st edition


DIMENSION: International


DELEGATE ORGANIZER: Communication and Event Consulting Agency.

CONTENT: Exhibition, Conferences, B2B Meetings, Gala Evening.

LOCATION: Site of the exhibitions of Camtel in Bépanda Douala.

THEME: “Subcontracting for industries and development in Africa” this is a proposal.

TARGETS: Subcontractors, Contractors, Institution, Professional visitors, Media, General public.

ACCESS: Free, Invitations, Badges.

SURFACE AREA: 12 000 m2



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