42-inch TV

42-inch TV


You can/will rent equipment and accessories for the duration of the show. This is made possible in order to reduce your logistic constraints to allow you to better concentrate on the essential, the interactions with the visitors.


Installation, maintenance and dismantling are of course at the expense of the organizer

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According to Wikipedia, a television set, by metonymy a television, or by apocope a TV, is a device that displays television programs on a screen. For this purpose, it contains a signal decoder that accepts one or more television broadcast formats, which may be analog or digital. A television set usually works with a remote control.

More simply, the television is a device designed to reproduce the image produced by television on an internal screen, either by projection (standard) or by pigmentation (LCD and plasma).


Our televisions have various options to simplify their use, including:


  • Automatic, user-programmable sleep mode;
  • A USB key reader, allowing you to play videos directly on the TV.


With this tool, you can easily and simply display your commercials continuously (in a loop).

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth”


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