You can/will rent equipment and accessories for the duration of the show. This is made possible in order to reduce your logistic constraints to allow you to better focus on the essential, the interactions with visitors.


Installations, maintenance and dismantling are of course at the expense of the organizer

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SISPI 2022, rental equipment, furniture, chairs and armchairs.

An armchair is a seat with a backrest, with armrests commonly known as armrests.

The chair includes:

  • A base: generally composed of four legs, sometimes reinforced by a spacer.
  • A seat: the seat depth of an armchair is between 50 and 55 cm.
  • Afile
  • Armrests (arms): which can be openwork or upholstered, with or without cuffs. The space between them is more or less 55 cm and is at a height of 60 cm from the ground.


Source: Wikipedia


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