You can/will rent equipment and accessories for the duration of the show. This is made possible in order to reduce your logistic constraints to allow you to better concentrate on the essential, the interactions with the visitors.


Installation, maintenance and dismantling are of course at the expense of the organizer

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SISPI 2022, equipment for rent, furniture, carpeting (multiple of 9m square).

The carpet, wall-to-wall carpet (qc) or plain-carpet (be) is a textile floor covering composed of a fabric of wool, cotton, silk or synthetic fiber generally covering the entire surface of a room.

In 1650 it was called “moucade” or “mocade” a word of unknown origin that evolved into carpet. It indicated then a fabric with weft and warp in thread but velvety of wool. This decorative material later took the meaning of a carpet nailed or glued to the floor covering the whole room.


Carpet is nowadays manufactured in a variety of materials and almost endless colors. Over the centuries, the carpet manufacturing method has diversified to meet the new French and European standards in terms of technical, health and environmental requirements. There are three types of carpets: loop pile carpet, cut carpet and structured carpet, a combination of the first two.


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