Catalog space – 1/2 page

Catalog space – 1/2 page


Dimensions: 190 mm X 135 mm (1/2 page)


You can buy a space in the official catalog of the show. This is made possible in order to increase your visibility with our different partners and your impact on the market!



SISPI 2022, communication in the official catalog, half (1/2) page

Dimensions: 190 mm X 135 mm (1/2 page)

Communicate on the only official SISPI support, with a very high circulation and given to all exhibitors and visitors.


Increase your presence

Our catalog will be part of the working environment of all our partners.  In general, the paper catalog can be transported easily, it can be consulted simultaneously by several people, you can take notes on it, it is simple to use… In short, our paper catalog will be the best sales tool for your sales team.


Impact more

A paper catalog is a physical object; by consulting it, what you see remains in the memory of your potential customer much more intensely than if it were an online catalog.

The attractive design of our catalog, its careful presentation of information, its adequate selection of the type of paper for the covers and interiors, as well as its finishes (varnishes, laminations) give it a subtle way of transmitting your brand, reaching an impact on all our visitors and partners.


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