Large fan

Large fan


You can rent equipment and accessories for the duration of the show. This is made possible in order to reduce your logistic constraints to allow you to better concentrate on the essential, the interactions with the visitors.


Installation, maintenance and dismantling are of course at the expense of the organizer

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According to Wikipedia, a fan is a device designed, as its name suggests, to create an artificial wind, a draught. The first fans were powered by human or animal force. With the industrial revolution, large centrifugal fans were driven by steam engines, then electric (for example, for ventilating underground mining galleries). Now fans are driven by an electric motor that drives a propeller or turbine.


Fans are used both for comfort and in industry. They provide a feeling of freshness by facilitating the evaporation of perspiration and homogenizing the temperature of a room.

Being subject to the tropical climate, and knowing how important it is to create a healthy atmosphere during your exchanges, we recommend you this equipment, which will be of great use to you.


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