Stand 108m square, indoor, other countries

Stand 108m square, indoor, other countries


Use/Reserve your space via this article if your company is located in a country other than Cameroon or outside French-speaking Africa.


The organizing committee of SISPI 2022 will grant you a space according to your request and the number of places still available

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Stand 108m square (09M X 12M), indoor, other countries (other than Cameroon and French-speaking Africa)


The fixed price of the stand modules includes:

  • The rights to open an exhibitor file,
  • Management and administrative follow-up of the file,
  • The exhibition space,
  • 02 days of installation,
  • 04 days of exhibition,
  • 02 days of dismantling,
  • A floor,
  • Lighting + a 220 v/06 a socket (installation of a three-phase phase on request),
  • A pediment with the name of the exhibitor,
  • 04 badges,
  • Garbage bags
  • As well as the presentation of your company in 400 signs in the official catalog and on the exhibition website with a direct link to your website.


Stand options include:

  • Collective stands: Collective stands are studied on request.
  • Three-phase installation: This à la carte installation is on request and at the expense of the exhibitor.
  • Additional pediment: Additional pediment on request and at the exhibitor’s expense

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