You can/will rent equipment and accessories for the duration of the show. This is made possible in order to reduce your logistic constraints to allow you to better focus on the essential, the interactions with visitors.


Installations, maintenance and dismantling are of course at the expense of the organizer

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The table is a type of furniture, initially (attested in 1694) composed of a flat and horizontal surface (assembled wooden planks) intended to be placed on one or more legs, trestles or supports. In Western culture, among other uses, it can be used for meals.

A coffee table is a type of table that is low enough to be reached while sitting (hence its name), and is intended to be placed in a living room, within reach of the persons occupying the sofa and armchairs, so that they can put down what they are using when they are so set up. It is mainly used to store the drinks to be consumed, magazines or books, remote controls for audio-video equipment, etc.


A coffee table can be equipped with storage spaces such as drawers or niches.

They can also be found in waiting rooms where self-service magazines are available to wait while you wait, or in some cafés and tea rooms.


Source: Wikipedia


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